Let’s Party, (TB)

Aitken's Salmon Creek Garden

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Let’s Party, (TB)

(S. Markham ’18) TB, 38" (96.5 cm), M, 7-8 buds.

This fancy plicata is all dressed up for partying in ruffles and shades of pink. Standards are a soft-apricot pink; falls have white ground in the centers blending to apricot-pink, with a wide band of rose-pink plicata dotting, becoming nearly solid at the edges, and a line of light rose-pink dotting down the centerline. Beards are bright coral red. Stalks are beautifully branched. New England born and bred, this is a reliably hardy grower and bloomer in the toughtest of climates.

Seedling #06-02A
(Pink Presence sibling X 98-8A: (Sneezy x Answered Prayers))