Terms and Conditions

The Shipping Fee generated by the shopping cart system is the minimum charge for ground shipping. It is an estimate only. Actual shipping rate varies depending on weight when the plants are dug. See Shipping Info for more details.

Live Plants:
We ship live plants which are dug from the ground at a time for optimal shipping. This may be several month after you place your order, particularly if you order early in the season. See Shipping Info for more details.

Some irises rebloom. That is, they bloom a second time, several weeks or months after their initial bloom. They do not do this every year, or in every location. Soil conditions, water, weather, and other environmental factors can influence whether or not your iris will rebloom. We indicate irises which we have found to reliably rebloom in our region (near Portland, OR), or are widely reported to rebloom in other regions. We do not guarantee that irises labeled "reblooming" will rebloom in all regions.

The color of your iris may not match exactly what you see on your screen. Not all screens are calibrated the same. Soil conditions, fertilizers, sun, and other environmental factors can affect color. Some minor color variation occurs naturally. Therefore, we do not guarantee an exact color match.